Art Information
Art images should be created in a vector format. Vector based art is art that is originally created in vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Files are often converted to EPS or PDF format to make them compatible for most users. Vectorized art is mathematically based, therefore it will not degrade when scaled. Artwork must have been originally created in a vector program, simply scanning art and saving it as an AI, PDF, or EPS file will not work.
Hand drawn or raster images are a great starting point, but will need to be digitized and modified for practical use. Examples of file suffixes are .jpg .bmp .gif .tiff
Digitally submitted artwork should include all supporting files and fonts uses in creating the final piece. Fonts should be converted to outline or path, this will decrease potential errors. Text cannot be edited once this is done. Do not flatten or merge the layers in your file.
Proofs any time you supply digital artwork a printed copy should be provided to prevent any errors.
Resolution should be not lower than 300 dpi at full size. Simply raising the dpi of a lower resolution graphic will not improve the quality. Most Internet graphics are not acceptable for printing.
Multi color art Multi color designs used in screen printing should be Pantone spot colors. Full color process should be created or converted to CMYK.
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